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HD Block Bottom No 1 Paper Bag Pack/500

  • Eco Freindly
  • Product code: BBHD01
  • 270 x 125 x 70
  • Pack/500

Our heavy duty brown paper block bottom bags are made from heavy duty paper with a side gusset and the block bottom means product won't fall out the bottom. Made from thick paper it is perfect for parts, fruit and vegetables, candles, soaps, oils and a range of other products. Made from paper these bags are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and a great altermative to plastic bags.
Bag Stands Upright
270mm x 125mm x 70mm
Pack of 500

1 packet $48.96
2 packets $45.38
5+ packets $40.35
HD Block Bottom No 1 Paper Bag Pack/500