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3M Jetmelt Polygun TC-Q Hot Melt

  • Product code: MJM-GUNTC-Q
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3M* Hot Melt Applicator TC to be lightweight, easy to handle, and dispense liquefied, standard-melt adhesive to meet your needs whenever two surfaces require a strong bond. It uses electric heat to melt, and manual pressure to drive the adhesive on demand, smoothly and evenly, to keep various production processes moving.
*Delivers up to 3.5 pounds of standard-melt 3M Scotch-Weld adhesive per hour
*On-demand feed control minimizes waste
*Lightweight, balanced design provides easy, precise control
*Manual feeder holds adhesive stick securely and provides even pressure
*Innovative transport mechanism minimizes dripping
For Std Quadrack Adhesive

1+ each $290.00
3M Jetmelt Polygun TC-Q Hot Melt