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3M Sandpaper 216u P320

  • Product code: ZSP320
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*SandBlaster sandpaper for high performance sanding on any surface
*Cuts up to 3 times faster, lasts up to 3 times longer
*For hand sanding or use with sanding blocks or machine sanders
*Resists clogging
*P320 fine grit for sanding between coats on any surfaces: paint, wood, metal, fibreglass and plastic
*Choose this grade for a beautiful final finish
SandBlaster* Sandpaper Fine Grit is perfect for use between coats of paint or varnish on a wide range of surfaces including emulsion, wood, metal, plastic and fibreglass. This evenly coated sandpaper resists clogging and tearing - when dust builds up, simply knock it off the abrasive surface and carry on! These sheets of sandpaper can be used by hand, or with sanding blocks or orbital sanders. When compared to conventional alternatives of comparable grits, SandBlaster Sandpaper cuts up to three times faster, stays sharp and delivers a smoother, long-lasting finish.
P320 Fine Grit, each of which measures 230 mm x 280 mm. Choose this grade for a flawless final finish. Designed for sanding flat areas such as table tops or walls, the sheets are ideal for hand sanding or can be easily cut into smaller pieces for use with an electrical sander. To make hand sanding easier, why not try the 3M Rubber Sanding Block? Simply attach a piece of SandBlaster Sandpaper to the heavyweight block for an improved grip, extra power and better sanding control.
Material: Aluminium Oxide. It is recommended that a suitable respirator and safety goggles/glasses are worn during sanding. Sanding lead based paints can be hazardous.
SandBlaster Sandpaper: Less work. Cuts fast. Lasts long.

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3M Sandpaper 216u P320