Pallet Shroud (Pallet Bag) Roll/30

Pallet Shroud (Pallet Bag) Roll/30

Price: $285.00 /roll

  • Dimensions: 1270mm x 1070mm x 1600mm 125mu
  • Unit: Roll
  • Available

Pallet Shroud (Pallet Bags) 1270mm x 1070mm x 1600mm 125mu (Roll/30)

This Pallet Shroud (also known as a Pallet Bag) is designed to fit over a whole pallet (1m x 1.2m) similar to a plastic bag (with a gusset).

Perfect for storing products as a dust and dirt cover.

  • Size 1270mm x 1070mm x 1600mm
  • Thickness: 125mu
  • Pieces: 30 Shrouds per Roll
  • Dust and Dirt Cover
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Order Online 24/7
  • Delivery throughout NZ


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