FastMask 5810 Tape

FastMask 5810 Tape

Price: $15.25 /roll

  • Code: TA5810C
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 50m
  • Unit: Roll
  • Available

Colour: Amber
Available thicknesses: 0.4 & 1mm
Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
Solvent-free and remains flexible
Easy and accurate to use with little waste or mess
- Applications
Bonding of plastics, metals, fabrics, PE sheeting, lightweight insulation panels and kickplates
Mounting lightweight trim
- Technical Performance
Total thickness: 0.4 mm
Ultimate peel adhesion: 19.68 kg/cm
Service Temperature: 0oC to +40oC
Recommended Shelf Life: 24 months
- Application Instructions
When applying pressure sensitive adhesive to any surface, be sure that the surface is free from oil or other surface
contaminates such as powder, dust, or release agents. Adhesive performance should be carefully checked when
used on substrates containing plasticizers.
Unwind tape and apply the adhesive side to the mounting surface. Apply firm pressure.
Recommended application temperature to achieve best results is 18oC or above. Proper bonding may not occur
unless adhesive and surface material are both at 18oC or above.
28/Ctn (Gorilla Tape)


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