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Citrus Kleen Biodegradeable Sanitiser/Cleaner

  • Product code: WCCITRUS
  • 5L
  • Each

Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner Sanitiser
CITRUS KLEEN is a biodegradable cleaner/sanitiser/disinfectant. It contains di-limonene, a natural solvent derived from citrus fruit skins, which gives it powerful grease and oil cutting properties.
CITRUS KLEEN contains no phosphates, is non-flammable and contains no caustic or acids. CITRUS KLEEN is cold water activated and can be used for a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial, transportation, marine and domestic. Its free rinsing formula penetrates grease, grime and soiling from engines, tools, upholstery, concrete, and plastic. CITRUS KLEEN is a concentrated environmentally friendly cleaner/sanitiser in one.
Appearance: Dark green liquid
Fragrance: Mild citrus
Specific gravity: 1.04
pH: 13.2 (100%)
Microcide: 100ppm ADBAC (@1% soln)

1+ each $37.40
Citrus Kleen Biodegradeable Sanitiser/Cleaner