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NatureMade Multi-Clean

  • Product code: WCDSP750
  • 750ml
  • Each

Multi-Clean is an environmentally responsible, multipurpose cleaner suitable for most kitchen and bathroom hard surfaces. Multi-Clean uses surfactants that meet OECD chemical safety and biosecurity standards and is made from glucose derived from sustainable corn crops.
Features & Benefits
Food grade colour identifier
Contains NO chlorine bleach
Recyclable container
ECNZ Formulation
Uses biodegradable ingredients
Fragrance conforms to the International Fragrance Association Guidelines (Ammt 44)
Ideal for food prep surfaces, baths, shower basins, stove tops and as a prespray for heavy soiled kitchen utensils, pans, clothes and tea towels.
Directions for Use
Turn nozzle to the ON position then simply spray and wipe hard surface. Not recommended for marble, terrazzo, other natural surfaces, polished, varnished or sensitive surfaces. If unsure about a surface, test on a small inconspicuous area first.
Contains: D Limonene, Citric Acid.
D-Limonene is a natural solvent extracted from the skins of citrus fruit, not only does it give the product a fresh fragrance but also has excellent grease cutting power.

1 each $6.85
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NatureMade Multi-Clean