Cushioned Paper Courier Bag (A4) Pack/100

Cushioned Paper Courier Bag (A4) Pack/100

Price: From $126.09 /packet

  • Code: BMCPC2
  • Dimensions: 255 x 325 + Flap
  • Unit: Pack/100
Quantity Pricing
1 packet $145.00
5 packets $130.50
10+ packets $126.09
  • Available
  • Eco-friendly

Our Cushioned Paper Courier Bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bubble bags and are made from recycled and FSC certified paper.
*Plastic Free
*Made from corrugated cardboard
*Extra protection for goods in transit
*Can be composted or recycled
*No perforations for a secure seal
*Blank Front
Size: 255 x 325 + 45 Flap
Sold in packs/100


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