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Tape Diamond Reflective 50x3m RED

  • Product code: TMR0106R
  • 50mm x 3m
  • Roll

3M Diamond Grade Reflective Tape is highly reflective, durable and visible meeting a wide variety of visibility needs in all light and weather conditions, outperforming the competition when it really counts.
Designed to increase visibility on virtually any hard surface area.
- Outstanding reflectivity at every viewing angle and at every viewing distance.
- Innovative full cube corner prismatic technology gives outstanding reflectivity performance.
- Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive.
- Easy to apply.
- Excellent weather resistance.
- Pre-sealed edges for longer durability.
- Non-metallic construction to prevent corrosion.
Standard Certifications and Specifications:
Full-contour and partial contour vehicle markings are recommended in New Zealand by NZTA under Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting.
- Suitable for application on rigid surfaces that are clean, smooth, flat, rigid and dimensionally stable.
- Avoid low surface energy plastics.
Application examples:
- Small trucks
- Workplace machinery ie forklifts, trailers, tractors
- Bollards
- Garage entrances, carport posts
- Letterboxes, barriers and posts
- Dump bins
- Ladders
- Obstacles
- Gates
- Helmets

1 roll $29.42
6 rolls $27.00
12+ rolls $25.00
Tape Diamond Reflective 50x3m RED