No 1 Flat Brown Paper Bag Pack/1000

No 1 Flat Brown Paper Bag Pack/1000

Price: $16.89 - $20.85 /packet

  • Code: BF01
  • Dimensions: 137 x 187
  • Unit: Pack/1000
Quantity Pricing
1 packet $20.85
2 packets $17.82
5+ packets $16.89
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  • Eco-friendly

No 1 Flat Brown Paper Bag (Pack/1000) 137X187

Our Flat Brown paper bags are commonly used for hot and cold foods, particularly in the take-away food market such as pies, pastries, sandwhiches, burgers, french fries and more.

These bags are also handy for small parts, fruits, vegetables, soaps, candles, craft supplies and more. Because our flat brown bags are made from paper they are eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable and a great alternative to plastic bags.

  • Size: 137mm x 187mm
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Paper
  • Sold in Packs/1000
  • Order Online 24/7
  • Delivery throughout NZ



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