Machine Strapping Clear

Machine Strapping Clear

Price: $69.50 - $99.30 /roll

  • Code: STM12C
  • Dimensions: 12mm x 3000m
  • Unit: Roll
Quantity Pricing
1 roll $99.30
2 rolls $89.40
3 rolls $79.40
4 rolls $69.50
  • Available

Polypropylene plastic strapping products are suitable for use in a variety of industrial light weight and heavy duty
applications including the securing of corrugated, beverage, construction, timber, cartons and PVC pipe loads.
Semi Auto Matic Machine:
- For light, medium and some heavy duty plastic strapping application
- Plastic strapping suitable for bundling, palletizing and unitizing
- Economical, reliable and smooth running
- Absorbs shock better than other materials
- Suitable for strapping or bundling corrugated boxes, newspapers, magazines, cut paper, boxed food products, produce, fish, chicken and meat.
-100KG break strain


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