K-Strip Floor Stripper (FC05)

K-Strip Floor Stripper (FC05)

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K-Strip Floor Polish Stripper (FC05)

K-STRIP is a powerful floor stripper agent for removing water-based floor finishes.

Part of the KEMSOL K Floor care system this product quickly removes K-Gloss and other floor finishes. The low odour formulation can be used with comfort and is easy to dilute and handle.

Properties Appearance: Clear colourless liquid Fragrance: No fragrance Specific gravity: 1.00 pH: 11.0 (100%)


Use at a ratio of 1:5-1:2 (20-50% soln, 200ml to 500ml per ltr) with hot potable water.

Apply solution liberally to polished floor using a mop.

Allow solution to soak for 5-10 minutes. Ensuring slurry is kept wet, reapply solution as required.

Allow longer soak periods if cold water is used, or for areas with a heavy build up of polish.

Scrub floor using a scrubbing machine and a heavy-duty scrubbing pad.

Thoroughly pick up solution using a clean mop or wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Ensure solution is completely removed.

Use a clean damp mop and fresh water to remove any residue.

Allow floor to dry completely, and test neutral, before re-polishing.


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