Veltone Antimicrobial (Non-Fragranced) Handsoap 5L

Veltone Antimicrobial (Non-Fragranced) Handsoap 5L

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  • Dimensions: 5L
  • Unit: Each
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1 each $33.40
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Veltone Antimicrobial Hand Soap 5L

Produces a smooth, creamy lather that cleans hands thoroughly, without causing drying or excessive moisture loss. Improves hand health, also has skin moisturising and conditioning properties.

VELTONE is used nationally from meat plants to bakeries and cafes—and has won international acclaim—as a preferred antibacterial handcare product.

NZFSA APPROVED C51  (All animal product except dairy)

Appearance: White opalescent viscous liquid
Fragrance: No fragrance
Specific gravity: 1.02
pH: 6.5 (100%)
Microcide: Triclosan


  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Food service
  • Resthomes
  • Food Plants

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Veltone Handsoap Dispenser


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